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"Love it.  You are truly a moving and brilliant storyteller."

—  Coralie DeSouza, Public Relations & Communications

David is involved in keynote speaking, both nationally and internationally, on leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, global development and social justice issues. His expertise in production and program management and mentorship, as well as his passion for encouraging and equipping others to get involved and take innovative risks makes him a good fit for a variety of speaking engagements. 

Real Change Is Incremental

Real Change is Incremental is a collection of essays by a writer with broad-ranging interests, including magic, philosophy, poetry, comedy, and international development. An exploration of change and ideas through a series of reflections on knowledge, experience, and how we see the world, it urges intellectual

humility, staying open to the ideas of others, and meeting the challenge of taking practical action together to change the world moment-by-moment, day-by-day, and generation-by-generation.


Real Change Is Incremental is an eloquent plea for all of us citizens of the world to admit what we do not know and sincerely search for truth in what other people may not know that they know.


One of David's more popular talks....

David is driven by a deep sense of curiosity and Pockets of Wonder will help you recognize the day to day beauty and life surrounding us; it will encourage you to ask better questions and live more in the moment and imagine new discoveries and see where it leads you.

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