David Peck is a social change consultant. He has made a name for himself in the fields of social innovation and international development as a professional public speaker, university and college lecturer and social entrepreneur. In 2008, he founded SoChange, a groundbreaking organization that works alongside members of the corporate and non-profit communities in areas such as leadership development, innovation, fundraising and capacity building.  


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Damn you’re good.

Joan Caesar, IBM

Thanks again for facilitating a session on fundraising today. Your advice to students was very practical and much needed. I think that you planted more than a few seeds. After reviewing the evaluations, I can honestly say your carousel was a hit and your handouts will be put to use.

Monica Dyer, University of Guelph

I just wanted to thank you again for your inspirational talk about Spread the Net at our school.  We just finished our fundraising and we came up with $2250 – over double our target!  Your presentation really helped to get the kids energized.

Carrie Schoemer, Teacher

David was a wonderful speaker, who used various forms of media to attract and engage the students. He was very helpful, not only in educating those in attendance on the topic, but also with providing us with suggestions on how to further reach out to the student body. Thank you for providing us with Mr. Peck, he was an outstanding speaker.

Michal Brosh, York University